4 Ways to Get Your Tax Refund Faster Next Year

September 20, 2017

Did you get your tax refund late this year? As much of an annoyance as this can be, there are ways around the long waiting period. Below are our top four ways you can get your tax refund faster.

  1. File Your Return Early

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. The earlier you file your tax refund, the faster you can get your return. Since most people wait until the last-minute, the IRS has fewer returns to process when January hits. This is great news for early birds like you.

  1. Double Check For Errors

Making an error could mean a multi-week delay for your tax return. To avoid this, you should work on double checking your forms for your name, Social Security Number, and your bank account numbers, since those are the easiest to mess up. Call ASAP Tax for to get assistance with double checking your tax return.

  1. File Online

Filing online could mean getting your return weeks earlier than filing a physical copy since they take longer to be received by the IRS. Online tax software is much more accurate and can catch any errors before you file. In fact, nearly nine out of 10 people pay their taxes online due to this. Plus, if you make $64,000 or less, you can file for free.

  1. Go With Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the easiest and fastest way to get your returns in your bank account. The IRS even allows you to deposit your funds in a number of accounts, as long as you have the correct account number and routing numbers listed.

With these four tips, you can file faster and easier than last year. One more way to get your refund faster is by hiring a tax professional to prepare and file them for you. Contact us at ASAP Tax for more information on quick and affordable tax preparation.